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Kooriee is an on demand same day delivery service within Bangalore. We pick up at the convenience of your home, office or business and deliver anywhere in Bangalore on the same day. Our customers have avoided un-necessary trips, pleased their customers with faster deliveries of their products and most importantly saved a lot of time and money. If you value your time or want to please your customer, Use Kooriee Now! What is best, “No App, Just WhatsApp”

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How It Works

Where Can You Use Kooriee

Be it a one-off delivery... from home or regular business couriers, Kooriee can do it all. You can now relax and avoid those un-necessary trips.
Here are one of many ways our customers have used Kooriee

Got a Pen Drive picked up and delivered

An purchase paid/picked and delivered

Custom Made Chocolates are sent in time for the celebrations

Ready Prints sent without delays

A mom sends home cooked food to her daughter

Checks dropped in time for early collection

An Optician delivers spectacles early to his customers

Sale Agreements and documents are picked and delivered

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